Mistra Carbon Exit


Mistra Carbon Exit på WCERE 2018: Future transports in a climate neutral world: knowledge gaps and needed policies

Som en del av konferensen WCERE (World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists) i Göteborg anordnar Mistra Carbon Exit en session den 26 juni på temat: ”Future transports in a climate neutral world: knowledge gaps and needed policies”.

"A future with net zero greenhouse gas emissions poses a joint challenge for policy makers and the transport and car industry.  The transport system is currently witnessing several emerging trends that may either help or hinder the transition to zero CO2 emissions. Electrified vehicles are already taking a larger share of new vehicle registrations, while car sharing is on the rise in some urban areas. Looking ahead, automation is pointed out as the next big transport revolution. These three trends give rise to opportunities that may steer the transport system towards a higher degree of energy efficiency and a reduction of congestion if potential synergies are exploited. However, they also imply many challenges since the marginal cost of transporting goods and people may be significantly reduced leading to an enhanced demand for transport and increasing problems with urban sprawl, congestion and energy use. These new challenges and opportunities need to be better understood from an economic and behavioral perspective so that business models and policy strategies can be designed in a way that make use of the opportunities and avoid the major potential problems."


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